Kim Lawton of DogLeg Marketing & Business Solutions has been helping us with our marketing for almost seven years. I have found this to be a most helpful experience. Kim listens well and is able to turn some of our crazy ideas into something that works. She does a very good job of communicating with media and print people on our behalf. Kim has had some great ideas and she is very detail oriented and exacting. She follows everything through until it is finished correctly. Kim also does a great job of communicating with us. I have a feeling of knowing where we are and what is happening at any given point in time.
— Patt Dyck, Co-Owner, The Cannery Brewing Company
The Canadian Home Builders’ Association South Okanagan has contracted Kim Lawton of DogLeg Marketing & Business Solutions since April 2012 to manage our social media and increase consumer awareness of our association. She also enthusiastically stepped in to manage our Ultimate Bathroom Makeover Contest recently and brought it to a successful close. Kim is an excellent “idea person” and her diligence plus conscientious approach to her tasks are greatly appreciated by us all. We are pleased to have her on our team!
— Rhonda Williams, Executive Officer, Canadian Home Builders’ Association South Okanagan
I recently started my new business and the marketing and advertising aspect was a bit overwhelming at first. Kim’s excellent experience and organizational skills helped me work through some of those issues including booking and creating ads, sourcing new business materials like business cards and promotional items and writing press releases. Kim ensured that everything was completed on a timely basis and added new and interesting ideas to help me launch my business to the community. It was a pleasure to work with her.
— Dr. Marlis Anderson, Sunoka Veterinary Clinic
We had a terrific experience working with Kim on what evolved to be a very large, complex e-learning project…. She stayed with us every step of the way and was fully committed to the quality and success of our work. Kim’s attention to detail, writing skills, and ability to understand and apply our highly technical content was a tremendous asset to the project. She brought a great deal of creativity, energy and enthusiasm that was extremely appreciated over the course of time that we worked together. We would gladly engage Kim in future projects and strongly recommend her to other organizations.
— Sally Cottone, Hay Group
On my campaign team, Kim Lawton brought her organized, let’s get to work attitude. She was known by all the volunteers as being very professional, always returning calls, making sure people knew what to do and covering all the bases. She is an excellent planner and a great executor. I am personally worried that the 2012 re-elect Obama campaign might nab her before I get a chance to work with her again!
— Dan Albas, Penticton City Council Campaign, 2008
My heartfelt thanks for the great brochures and advertising material that Kim Lawton produced for me. They have been a wonderful tool and they have worked! Comments have been “Wow!” and “Who did these for you? They are great”. I have also had direct business from them. I was very impressed with Kim’s ability to portray my character and business information in a way that my clients can relate to. Kim’s knowledge certainly came through in pulling all the points together in a very nice presentation. Her suggestions as to layout, colouring, fonts, etc. personalized my character along with providing information for my clients. I am very pleased and will certainly recommend Kim Lawton of DogLeg Marketing & Business Solutions to anyone thinking of putting together advertising. Thank you Kim for all your hard work and patience with me.
— Joyce Geering , Realtor, Sutton Power 1 Realty
Kim made substantial contributions to Common Outlook Consulting over a 4 1/2 year period during which our revenues almost quadrupled. She took our website from concept to completion in 6 months, she developed professional marketing materials for us to use with our clients, forged relationships with potential alliance partners, and was a constant source of ideas for how we might build our business. Kim also managed several complex client projects for us, involving many parties and many moving parts. One project in particular comes to mind – a complex interactive web-based learning program for a large multinational client. In this situation, Kim’s keen attention to detail and organizational skills kept all the key parties up to speed and kept the project on track. Her role was critical to the project’s overall success. Throughout her time working with Common Outlook, Kim was always full of ideas, and always approached her work with passion and dedication. You can count on Kim providing you with the best she has to offer.
— Peter Hiddema, Owner, Common Outlook Consulting Inc.
It has been my pleasure to work with Kim Lawton. She is very professional, and it was nice to work with someone that really cares about her clients and the quality of work she produces. I found her knowledge of marketing was exactly what we needed to make our image come together. What Kim produced for me is above and beyond anything I could have imagined, and has helped me improve my image and get new clients. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
— Dianne Jones, Owner, Old Hedley Road Inn Bed & Breakfast
We really wanted to set ourselves apart from the competition. After looking at our competitors, we felt it important to have the marketing and organization that would set us up and keep us going. That’s when we approached DogLeg Marketing & Business Solutions to give us that added advantage, and we have been very happy with the results! Kim is a pleasure to work with and very enthusiastic. She is organized and committed, and we look forward to continuing the success!
— Raj Singh, President and Owner, Qualas Development Corporation
As a recording artist in the rapidly changing music industry, Kim Lawton of DogLeg Marketing & Business Solutions was critical in addressing my marketing needs. Not only did she help identify my specific target market, she also identified a unique strategy to reach those consumers. Her affable personality and excellent communication skills made it a pleasure to work together and the final plan presented embedded solid strategies to create growth for my business.
— Karen Fowlie, Recording Artist
At JCI Penticton, we have goals to increase awareness of our organization and the work we do within the community, to recognize our sponsors, and to help promote various events we are hosting. Kim Lawton of DogLeg Marketing & Business Solutions jumped in quickly and efficiently to help us meet these goals. She created an advertising campaign with the local papers, created new tools to help us recognize our sponsors, and produced invitations and press release materials to help us promote our upcoming events. Kim is very thorough and professional, and we are pleased that she is helping us to achieve our goals.
— Charles Cornell, 2008 President, JCI Penticton
Despite having been around since 1910, the Penticton Concert Band decided we needed to enhance our image, build more awareness of our band, and increase our professionalism in the community. We found someone to help us do these things, in Kim Lawton of DogLeg Marketing & Business Solutions. Kim helped us to create a new image and launched a new advertising and PR campaign to help us advertise our upcoming concerts. She also helped us build a comprehensive sponsorship package that we could use to raise funds within the community. Being creative types ourselves, we certainly appreciate the business background and expertise that Kim brings to our organization. We don’t know what we would do without her.
— Gerald Nadeau, Director, Penticton Concert Band
Kim Lawton worked with me as a business coach for several months. Her help was invaluable. She helped me get and stay organized, and she provided valuable tools and methods to help me overcome the barriers to growth in my business. She encouraged me to set priorities and focus on my key ones. She provided a system that kept me accountable and also helped me to trouble shoot where I had difficulties. She can view problems and find creative solutions. She helped me look at situations and problems in a new light to get a better perspective and to find new ways to deal with them. Most importantly, she taught me to acknowledge what I accomplished.
— Annette Salem, Independent Business Owner, USANA Health Sciences
One of my biggest challenges as a photographer was trying to put a value to my work. I know I underestimate my art and was scared to tackle it. Kim Lawton, through organizing and arranging various photography packages for me not only put a value to my service but got me through this huge obstacle. I have now been able to develop and personalize advertisements and pricing packages based on the foundation that Kim created.
— Bob Smith, Photographer/Owner, RC Smith Photography
When I was setting up my own travel agent consulting business, Kim Lawton of DogLeg Marketing & Business Solutions helped me to establish effective ways to create invoices, track my accounts receivable, and capture my mileage and business expenses. She also helped me with my pricing structures and provided other valuable business advice. She is very professional and approachable. I was very impressed and pleased with the results of her advice and services.
— Carolyn Straub, Independent Travel Consultant
In December 2002, I was at a low point my life. The dot com I was working for had gone bust the year before, and I was drifting along in my career, unsatisfied, unhappy, and earning very little money. I was at a friend’s birthday party, when Kim sat with me, and asked me what was wrong. I let loose a torrent of woe, and she sat patiently listening. When I was finished, she asked So, what do you want to do now? I told her that I wanted to work in fitness, but I didn’t know how. Kim spent the next 20 minutes giving me pointers and ideas about how to go about getting started in a new business. The next day I got a call from a mutual friend who said Nicky, Kim told me you are a personal trainer. I need one! What do you charge, and how soon can we start? I was so stunned I nearly fell off my chair! Not only did Kim coach me, and give me some great ideas, she got me my first client! From there, my fitness career took off. I teamed up with 2 Olympic Gold Medalists, and created a company with them. My income went from $100 a month in 2002, to $100,000 a year in 2007, and Kim was the catalyst that made it all happen. She is awesome, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for support in their business.
— Nicky Billou, CEO, Tranz4m Inc.

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